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Note to Sellers: If you have an Apartment or Apartments valued at over $5 Million USD that you wish to sell, please read my Presentation. If you are a Real Estate Broker/Agent you will find my presentation interesting, to say the least... Dalli


My offer of Free Advertising is as stated in my Presentation. My Offer is truly a Win_Win-Win scenario...

Shopping Centers/Malls

Do you Own a Shopping Center you wish to sell? Is it listed with a Real Estate Broker? Good let your Broker know about advertising on this Web site for free. Also tell your Broker that he or she would get to keep the entire commission and I am offering more! Read my Presentation, you and your Broker will love my offer. Sincerely, Dalli

Office Buildings

To whom this may concern, I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California, USA, however, please note that my offer is real, it is not a ploy to obtain Listings. I will be paid by Foreign Buyers/Investors as indicated in my Presentation.

I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1976, however, on such Properties, I will be acting as my Buyers' representative and will not participate on any commissions. (I will be paid by my Foreign Investors). Sincerely, Dalli